Monday, June 07, 2004

home sweet home~! just came back about 2 hours ago.. took a bus from kl back to ipoh..
The journey back home felt like forever... the flight yesterday which was scheduled at 6.30pm was delayed until 9.20pm!! crazy eh?? but at least, they did compensate for their delay by having complementary KFC, and they even have lucky draw (i.e. according to your ticket number) and some quizzes along.. I even had 3 dinners on that night... first was at Burger King, then back at my sister's house due to the delay, and the complementary KFC from the airplane.. haha... babi eh?

I practically slept the whole day yesterday too... just woke up for church, then escort my parents to the airport, came home, eat lunch and sleep till it's time for our flight.. The trip to sabah was overall superb! haha... everything's planned well.. *sigh* i guess it's back to studies and exams... have to adapt back to those type of environtment.. +/

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