Wednesday, June 02, 2004

finally, am able to get back to civilisation.. haha.. not to say that it's bad in Kundasang, but the reception there is very bad, they only have tv1 and tv2, and the coverage for hp there is really bad, well.. at least it is for my phone..

However, the sceneray there was great!! really ber-nature lar.. with mountains and hills all around.. we stayed at some resort called Zen's Garden Resort for one night.. we rented one whole house with 3 rooms.. although it's a bit old, but that's the only house with a lotus pond and a beautiful scenary.. the weather there is so damn cold.. it's as cold as genting highlands.. around 21C-24C.. then from our place, we can see the peak of mount kinabalu.. haha..

After we checked into our resort, we went to the "Cabbage King's" Farm.. haha.. ppl called him that cause he's supposed to be the greatest supplier of cabbage for the whole of Malaysia.. anyway, we got permission to his farm cause my sis's husband helped him in some court case before and made frens with him.. ooh.. the experience in the farm was so great.. first, we need to travel miles just to get into the farm, luckily they have a Prado to fit all 7 of us plus 2 kids inside the car... the ride was so bumpy it's as though we're sitting on some wheelcart or somehting.. when we reached there, we went on a ride on their truck!! haha.. it was so cool.. we get to stand on the cargo area with my dad and 2 sis.. then we plucked vege and fruits, while enjoying the cool breeze and the beautiful scenary.. was so fun...haha.. and guess wat? with all the abundant vege and the food that we brought there, we managed to finish EVERYTHING!! haha.. my sis made some potato salad, then we ate steamboat for dinner, junkfoods in btw meals while playing cho tai di.. haha... =D

the next day, we visited Kinabalu park after chekcing out from the resort.. unfortunately, it was raining and the mist/clouds covered the top of the hill, so we couldn't manage to catch the beautiful glimpse of the sight.. that's tthe place where mountain climbers register, have their prerequisite training b4 climbing the mountain..

Such a tiring trip.. and i have to go eat my spaghetti dinner now... tata!!

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Anonymous said...

eii Gabriel,

Got take pictures or not? Hope they are nice pictures

Your Bro