Monday, June 07, 2004

home sweet home~! just came back about 2 hours ago.. took a bus from kl back to ipoh..
The journey back home felt like forever... the flight yesterday which was scheduled at 6.30pm was delayed until 9.20pm!! crazy eh?? but at least, they did compensate for their delay by having complementary KFC, and they even have lucky draw (i.e. according to your ticket number) and some quizzes along.. I even had 3 dinners on that night... first was at Burger King, then back at my sister's house due to the delay, and the complementary KFC from the airplane.. haha... babi eh?

I practically slept the whole day yesterday too... just woke up for church, then escort my parents to the airport, came home, eat lunch and sleep till it's time for our flight.. The trip to sabah was overall superb! haha... everything's planned well.. *sigh* i guess it's back to studies and exams... have to adapt back to those type of environtment.. +/

Sunday, June 06, 2004

Well, we didn't go to Tambunan after all... but at least half way to it. haha.. instead, we drove up a hill (God knows what's the name) and stopped by at the highest point... There, they ahve this tree-top houses where ppl stay on tree tops.. sounds cool eh? But basically, we went up there just to get some fresh cold air and to have a cup of hot coffee.. hehe.. but we saw this few bunch of 'giant' rabbits... very huge in size.. then outside there's this monkey wandering about, 'scaring' off ppl... Lol..
anyhow, need to get off the comp dee... tata..

Saturday, June 05, 2004

Such a peaceful saturday morning here in sabah.. the weather is cloudy, everything's so quiet..probably cause my 2 nieces ain't around for they have followed my 2nd sister to 'escort' sache to the airport.. i'm not able to blog yesterday night to 'record' the events for yesterday cause i had a terrible diarrhoae which lasted the whole night.. fortunately, the pain is gone now.. the only pain that still lingers are my thigh, buttock and backbone muscles (not to mention a minor headache too).. probably cause i've overstrained myself from the beach yesterday..

hmm... about yesterday, well, it was quite an exhausting but exhilirating experience.. we started off at 9 in the morning.. the boat's supposed to be scheduled to leave at 930 but we were a bit late... but it doesn't really matter.. cause we rented the whole boat for ourselves..

The boat ride was a thrilling affair!! the boat literally flew up and down, splashing into the waves, with the sea water splahed into all of us.. the 2 kids especially, really enjoyed themselves.. i didn't know how long the boat ride lasted, maybe 10-15 minutes? not sure.. but we arrived safely on the manukan island.. the moment we reached the jetty, we saw schools of fishes swimming around.. it was beautiful! the sight from the jetty on the island was really absurd.. the swaying trees, the sandy beaches and most importantly of all, the sea is beautiful...

Settled ourselves down at some picnic table for tourists.. we picked the one near the jetty cause there's a big crowd at the far end of the beach... First, we surveyed around the whole island..then there was this buffet lunch which is at a cost of RM60 per head.. the seafood are so fresh! but it's actually abit pricy plus the fact that we already prepared sandwhiches and junkfoods early in the morning.. After surveying around, it's time for a SWIM!! the main purpose to be there is actually for snorkeling.. therefore, we practised to breath through the gadget before going to the snorkeling place.. *sigh* it's not as simple as it seems though.. swallowed loads of sea water while practising to snorkel.. Finally, after much hardwork, we managed to stay under the sea for quite some time.. Then, it's time for us for the real experience!!

We went to a place which is supposed to be rich with fishes.. The water was clear, no doubt.. but we couldn't really find any fishes.. Only one small spot where we can only see several fishes swimming around.. After some time there, we went back to our 'territory' and rested for a while.. Yiche then suggested to snorkel near the jetty where we saw the abundance of small little fishes.. I was the first to go there, cause the others are lying down dead on the poncho which was then used as a picnic mat.. Anyway, there really was alot of fishes there.. the only setback is that the water was quite muddy.. I saw this really big colourful fish.. seems like the colours of rainbow actually..

By the time everything was over.. i was dead tired! think i overstrained myself.. lol.. at around 4, we went island hopping to sapi island and the other islands which was just all around... the ride wasn't as thrilling as before cause the boat speed wasn't really fast.. We went back to the harbour, ate some fried chicken there then settled down back at home.. Everyone dropped dead on their respective bed.. and me, i was busy visiting the toilet frequently... *sigh*

Oh well, we'll be leaving to Tambunan now... ciao!

Thursday, June 03, 2004

i tot today will be a boring day cause we dun have any plans besides having lunch with my sister' fren.. However, it was another adventure and exhausting day for us (shopping!!)... the morning started off quite slowly.. woke up at about 8 something.. ate some sandwhich for breakfast, then played cho tai di till lunch time... We went to some seafood restaurant for our lunch.. the food there was superb.. i was really stuffed back there.. lol..

then later, right after that, we went to the philipino market and tot we could buy back some souveniers cause they supposed to offer a variety of handicrafts and stuff.. But the price there was quite expensive, plus it's hot and stuffy inside there.. the 'market' is actually inside a few buildings that are joined up together.. then it was so congested inside with hardly any space to walk.. fortunately for us, it wasn't really crowded then.. and the SMELL there..! eww.. it smells like when you're at the super kinta market.. the smell of those chicken or salted fish kind of smell.. eww.. couldn't bear with it...

we didn't stay there for long though... our next stop was at wisma merdeka.. it was supposed to be THE shopping centre where we could really shop for stuffs.. not like centre point where it's only good if you wanna shop for branded stuffs.. anyway, back to wisma merdeka.. went surveying around at first the whole complex with my dad while the ladies spent their time looking at their women stuffs... but we bump into them into this shop called "Tong's Department".. wow! there was sale everywhere... all the clothes, are so cheap... i bought a few pairs of Timberland shorts worth RM5 each.. then BUM shirts are like 70% off.. even bought a very nice winter clothing for RM50.06.. hehe.. i think if it's bought outside, it's worth at least hundred plus.. while my other siblings bought some bras, swimming suits and pants.. we needed to full baskets to fill our stuffs.. lol...

after that, we thought of heading to a RM5 shop.. but we came across this shop..(forgot what's the name) and it says 60-70% off for clothes.. so, as usual for a typical woman, my sisters went in to check it out... see see.. the clothes there are miserably cheap!! you can even get a RM0.30 top there after discount.. the other clothes (mainly tops) are like multiples of RM0.30.. majority of the tops there are just RM2.40.. although it's a bit bare, but it's actually quite nice.. the only seTback is that you can't try on the clothes and once it's bought, you can't change neither is it refundable.. Imagine, tops that are worth RM0.30.. even the thread itself is more expensive than that.. my whole family is literally laughing all the way while they shop... it's just rather unbelievable.. i think if thses clothes are to be brought back to peninsular msia and be resold in a boutique, it can actually go for the price of 19.90 or even 29.90.. cause yiche said that there are ppl who actually buy clothes from here and resold back in their own boutique.. Even when we got back into the car, sache was like still cannot rationalise of the price of the top!

Went to some convenient store later to buy stuffs for the trip tmr that is to the beach..
Bought lots of goodies and junk food..yum yum! Then we went to take a look at yiche's dream house.. it was really big... a semiD house with a big backyard and the developer actually used good material to build the house.. he even bought 2 houses there for his own.. haha.. and it's only RM400k...

Oh well, never knew that shopping can actually be quite tiring.. must sleep early tonite for another hectic day tmr.. gtg liao... asta la vista..!

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

finally, am able to get back to civilisation.. haha.. not to say that it's bad in Kundasang, but the reception there is very bad, they only have tv1 and tv2, and the coverage for hp there is really bad, well.. at least it is for my phone..

However, the sceneray there was great!! really ber-nature lar.. with mountains and hills all around.. we stayed at some resort called Zen's Garden Resort for one night.. we rented one whole house with 3 rooms.. although it's a bit old, but that's the only house with a lotus pond and a beautiful scenary.. the weather there is so damn cold.. it's as cold as genting highlands.. around 21C-24C.. then from our place, we can see the peak of mount kinabalu.. haha..

After we checked into our resort, we went to the "Cabbage King's" Farm.. haha.. ppl called him that cause he's supposed to be the greatest supplier of cabbage for the whole of Malaysia.. anyway, we got permission to his farm cause my sis's husband helped him in some court case before and made frens with him.. ooh.. the experience in the farm was so great.. first, we need to travel miles just to get into the farm, luckily they have a Prado to fit all 7 of us plus 2 kids inside the car... the ride was so bumpy it's as though we're sitting on some wheelcart or somehting.. when we reached there, we went on a ride on their truck!! haha.. it was so cool.. we get to stand on the cargo area with my dad and 2 sis.. then we plucked vege and fruits, while enjoying the cool breeze and the beautiful scenary.. was so fun...haha.. and guess wat? with all the abundant vege and the food that we brought there, we managed to finish EVERYTHING!! haha.. my sis made some potato salad, then we ate steamboat for dinner, junkfoods in btw meals while playing cho tai di.. haha... =D

the next day, we visited Kinabalu park after chekcing out from the resort.. unfortunately, it was raining and the mist/clouds covered the top of the hill, so we couldn't manage to catch the beautiful glimpse of the sight.. that's tthe place where mountain climbers register, have their prerequisite training b4 climbing the mountain..

Such a tiring trip.. and i have to go eat my spaghetti dinner now... tata!!