Monday, May 03, 2004

wow... been out almost the whole day today... the depriveness of hanging around, chit chatting with frens.. well, today's an exception one...

woke up quite early this morning,.. around 9 somethign.. (in which i slept at 2 plus the night b4) swept the floor, check out whose online, play the piano... and stuff.. haha... it's just nice beiing home-alone early in the morning without anyone there... you could do anything you want, y'know...

parents only came back around 11... ate my breakfast that they bought for me.. then went out to jj at 1130 when jit-vern came... watched starysky & hutch with jv, becky, brandon, chun heng, chee lim, jill and wei tek.... then there was this crazy old man in the cinema... who screams everytime there's a funny/exciting part.. lol.. how irritating... making all those weird noises.... hehe.... but overall, the show was quite ok lar.... though there's room for alot of improvement... alot of scenes that they try to make it funny but it's not.. haha... but i learned a new quote though.. from william shakespeare, which reads "to err is human, to forgive is divine" 8)

then, later after the movie, yee hui came.. haha... he flake out on us for the movie.. keeke... supposedly wanna study.... later, went out for lunch in MP Greentown... had a long chat there... until 430 from around 230 cause becky needs to go back to kl at 430.... came home around 5.. slept for one hour befoer physics tuition at 7..

physics tuition lasts for 3 hrs 30 minutes since tmr's a holiday... so, i tot during break buy the tongkat ali drink, together with boon jin, to last us for the whole lesson.... well, it did some effect for boon jin, but it made me sleepier... wackier.. haha... actually, mr ng forgot that the class's supposed to end at 10 then some stupid fella go remind him bout it.... sigh..

and i tot the day's going to end... but went out with omega they all right after tuition... followed jason there... haha.. so long time never see them... had a really nice chat with them.... talked until 12.30..... omega, jason, delicia, shake, von, charissa and her bf is there.. but charissa and the bf are like in their own world. aih.. they should have gotten their own table lar.. ciss..

overall, it was fun lar... the day.. although didn't really touch any books... and i left my tuition in jason's car.. then, my bro came back too with his gf... anywya, goonna have a good night's sleep liao..

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