Thursday, May 06, 2004

such a tiring day it is.... i only reached home at almost 8.00pm since i left home for school at 6.45am ..
sheesh, such a hectic day... actually, it wouldn't be too bad if it wasn't for the heritage play practise.. suppose to have a full dress rehearsal, and it shouldn't take that long but our performance is not up to standard so they ask us to do it once more..

let me explain it properly... the practise is suppose to start at 1.30pm.. the starting was like normal la, some warming up; singing 'hysterical' over and over plus some other songs. then into the rehearsal... each time it took for like almost an hour, plus some 'advice' from eric and bro matt. it really took us some time.. usually the normal practise would have ended at about 3.00pm and by the time they have finished their 'advice', it's past 3.30pm and they want another practise.. therefore, it lasted altogether until almost 5.00pm..

Back to the practise, although it was abit frustrating, there were parts when things goes funny and we all have a good laugh bout it.. ntg much though actually, perhaps maybe for the children's scene, when kah hon was supposed 'fall down' after being threatened by the teacher (Anand).. well, he did deliberately fall.. LOL.. he just practically step a few steps backwards and start to squat down and cry.. (when he was actually supposed to trip, then fall which in turn will result him to cry) in the end, he need to stay back for 'falling down practises'.. :D

and the 'costumes'.. wow, were De La Salle's sisters looked nice... (played by Jin Ann and Ee Lin) they all really dressed up until very nice with dresses, scarfs and other accessories... then Wai Tien, although she just play as some 'lady dying of hunger' she sure dress up till very good...

anyway, the real thing is tmr... at night.. it's suppose to start at 9.00 but i guess i have to be there after tuition which ends at 6.45pm... hopefully can stay over night there... and go out for SUPPER(!) or something.. =)

kaylar.. think i better be going off to sleep liao... physically and mentally tired... came online actually just to compile some notes that we typed today (acted like some secretary during computer lesson and typed out the whole question and answers for 2003 paper... me, jit vern and boon jin really make a good team of secretaries though) suppose to upload files to them lar... and i think i'm getting sick, my whole body is getting warmed up... must be cause of the rain while going to tuition... *sigh*
anyway, think i'm gonna waste today and tmr's precious time.. dun think can study much in those 2 days..


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