Sunday, May 30, 2004

i'm in sabah now.. onlining with my sis's notebook with a 28.8kbps connection... haha.. so long time never use slow cononection dee.. but it's better than nothing rite.. haha.. KK is actually quite a big place actually.,. better than ipoh actually.. and slightly more advance than ipoh actually.. it's like a different countrry.. they have their own laws, not terikat with the Persekutuan Law.. and indians are considered as a rare species here..cause they are so little of them..

woke up super early this morning.. 4.00!! cause my flight's at 0700 and have to be at the airport by 0500.. sat on the Air Asia flight.. supposedly to be very terrible, cause everyone will have to practically rebut inside the plane cause it's free sitting.. fortunately, we're there early and we're quite in front of the queue.. so the sit is actually ok... the flight lasted for 2hrs and 20min (and they didnt' serve no nothing at all!!).. my 2nd time sitting on an airplane.. first time was when i was a kid.. from kl to ipoh.. LOL... oh well.. haha..

Later might be going clubbing with my sisters and her fren.. at some beachside or something.. supposed to be well known for it's unsafetiness cause usualy got all the fights, havoc and stuff wan..haha... but at least, can open up my horizon a bit..

kaylar.. that's so far bout now.. it was quite a bore just now.. so damn tired... had an afternoon nap after playing with my nieces.. My, have they grown!! so adorable but superr naughty.. hehe... alrite then, need to watch my sister's performance on vcd... kononnya got solo. sheesh, see see got few lines only.. lol.. tata for now... =)

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Chee Lim said...

GABBY!!..this is great... i so miss u already man!..btw,can u pls remember to take more pics esp when ur up on the high mountain??..take care ya??!!..*huGZzz*