Monday, May 31, 2004

finally, get some time off for me to online here.. just had my dinner in the house.. every meal also we ate seafood cause it's an abudant here and all also very meaty wan.. hehe.. soo nicee... btw, the time of day here is quite confusing.. when i woke up this morning... the sun outside make it seem as if it's 9 something.. but actually it's only 7 plus... then after breakfast.. went back to sleep after that and when i wake up... tot it was 2 something but it's only 12.. haha.. still havbent adapted to the time here..

then went to centre point, wow.. the shops there are like much better than ipoh, got more branded shops here, like Elle, FOS, Guess and stuff there whereas ipoh dun have.. then the lower floors are those indonesian shops where they sell handicrafts and other cheap things at a very low price. haha... it's something like a high class flea market.. and my sis spent hours at some 'street side' accessory shops.. all the goods thehre are so cheap.. it's like 5-6 bucks with a buy one free one for nice necklaces, bracelets and other accessories...

later, went to the cultural show at some long houses... we got quite a good timing actually, cause it's their kaamatan festival or something... which is the harvesting festival... the have carnivals, performances and other traditional stuffs which makes a good spot for tourists like us!! haha.. we even danced sumazau with the locals there, took pictures with some pretty kadazanian with their traditional costume.. and there's this place, where everyone jumps on this hole that are supported by planks and it's like a wooden trampoline.. haha.. so fun!! but damn tiring.. but one setback there bout the place is that it's quite filthy... very muddy all around..

tmr will be going to kundasang, staying at the foot of Mt. Kinabalu for a night.. supposedly it's super cold there.. haha.. can't wait.. which means, i won't be able to online for 2 days.. *sigh* oh well, at least i get to have fun!! keke.. need to wake up super early too... cause lleaving at 6.. it's a 2 hours journey i think.. till then, enjoy the hols!!

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