Wednesday, April 21, 2004

We have to face the consequences of our doings (the cause and effects)... however, things aren't as bad as you think it they say, "every cloud has a silver lining".. Maybe things happens for a reason.. Probably for the better, i hope..

Anyway, we had an "Info Day" today, that is voluntarily ex-michaelians pays a visit to us and they can share their uni expeiriences with the Upper Sixes.. it's quite interesting though.. listening to their peculiar stories... from what to funding to the clothes that you wear... though didn't last through the whole thing (due to a physics practical which need to be attended - another disaster), i manage to listen to some stories under the "free for all discussion".. managed to get some good tips though... bout crazy lecturers, their exam styles, getting fine for hanging clothes in inappropriate places and stuff... lol....

Then later was literacy, sigh.. another sien case... dun find the purpose of doing so dee... since i dun really see much progress in the students.. but later, after waiting for jill and wei tek, jill and i went to ian's house to do some 'shopping' for Jo's present... (though i'm not really needed there but i'm quite deprived of going out actually)

After a good evening's sleep.. (the weather was so warm btw, thank God for the creation of air-cond) had some private-sms-talk with ei leng while trying to wrap up my physics report.. (in which it failed cause the readings was a total disaster)

by the way, this song i'm listening to is not bad at all.. recommended by boon jin... entitled "The Place I'll Return to Someday" which is also known as "Melodies of Life" (a final fantasy song)

Till then, ciaoz..

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