Friday, December 31, 2004

first thing i woke up, i heard some noise in the wet kitchen.. so, i went there to check it out. When i reached there, man..... the whole place is flooded~! father forgot to turn off the tap after the washing machine is done resulting the water pipe to break due to high pressure. So, in the end, wasted my whole morning cleaning up the kitchen....
after lunch, i actually spent time watching tv... haha... watched back shanghai knights followed by ending of minority report... it's been a while since i watched tv.. went back online later.. and guess wat? my mx510 arrived~!! it was approx 3 to 4 something.. was kinda excited with the new mouse though.. haha...
had to go to my mum's school to help her do some petty cash stuffs cause the clerk cannot manage to 'fit in' everything.. all it takes is just to resize the columns to make it smaller.. oh well...
then, wasn't really sure about going out tonight with anand they all.. in the end, i took the courage to msged anand bout it.. and see see, chin ping is supposed to tell me bout it in which she didn't~! sigh, was so mad bout it cause i felt kinda silly and worried for not being able to celebrate new year for this year...
anyway, waited for jitvern to coem and pick me up at 8 something... supposed to meet up at victoria's junction at 845.. alot of ppl was there... there's anand, ee lin, jason ling and lee, yen kheng, thean seng, xing min, jit vern, li yen, su lyn, ei leng, cindy, mun chun, shake, omega, amy, wai san, jill and wei tek... only later that jin fei came.. i ate ox tail's soup and garlic bread while the others had dinner,.. (since we're suppose to have dinner there) i sat next to jit vern and thean seng and opposite of me was xing min... was sitting right in the middle.. and the 2 ends have their own group of conversation.. one end was anand they all and the other was cindy's... by the end of the day in victoria's junction.. we had party gifts from the manager to celebrate new year.. how kind of them. hhahah...
then, we had dilemma where to head to next for our countdown.. wanted to go to somebody's house.. but there was no vacancy.. in the end, we ended up in polo ground which turned out to be quite packed~!! it was filled with malays cause they're having a futsal match over there... so, we ended up having countdown in the middle of the field underneath a tree where it was slightly uphill... we went to 7-11 b4 taht to buy some snacks and drinks... ended up chatting there till 12 plus.. and headed off to our beloved home... hehe... so much for new year's celebration.. no more pubs and noisy places... =)


Thursday, December 30, 2004

woke up in the morning and wait for my poslaju to arrive.. my mx510.. that louyeh (jeffrey goh) also keep asking me whether it arrived anot.. haha.. unfortunately, waited till 6 something.. still no news.. guess have to wait for tomorrow..
helped my dad run some errands late in the morning... went to parade to develop the photographs... oh, i even uploaded them to my yahoo photos and gave shared it with my other siblings..
for the rest of the day, played anarchy the whole time... was too tired in the evening and slept at 6 soemthing till dinner.. haha.. now only i have the lazy holiday mood.. lol...


Wednesday, December 29, 2004

for the first time in 2 weeks.. i can finally wake up late in the morning~!! hahaha.... if it's not for brandon who woke me up(came to return my stuffs) at 1130.. i would have slept longer... lepakked almost the whole day... ate lunch, played AO..
played tabletennis at 530 with yee weng, boon jin and his sister... quite fun lar... just that yee weng always keep losing wan.. hahaha.... he and his errorneous..
played anarchy again at night... the teaming wasn't as good as the afternoon one... now, i'm off to collecting mission tokens..

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

my last day to be home alone~!! parents will be reaching ipoh at 1345~!!
i felt kinda lazy to go for the badminton game at 10.. but since yee weng called and i told him the day that i'm coming, well, i have to go... reached there at 1030... (which yee weng booked the court from 10 till 12) it was quite's been quite a while since i last played badminton... brandon, kiat win, wai yip, brian, zhuan keet and mei yin was there too... then, went out for brunch with them in stadium...
by the time i went home, it was about time i had to pick up my parents from the airport.. had another round of lunch with them in gunung rapat... ate chicken rice.. and lots of stories from my dad......
reached home, uploaded pics of australia to the comp.. dind't really have time to rest... then brandon came to download some games... took my thumbdrive to copy it to his laptop though... after that, i have a basketball game with the same group of ppl.. (similar group actually)
played with kids younger than us.. (some are quite good.. and some are not even half my height. lol..) played for about 1 hour... and it was damn tiring... went home, bath... and slept.. (hardly slept actually) till dinner...
at night, kinda lepakked lar.. rested in my room... played AO with jason and chun (for the first time)...
at 10, had ice creams with shake, von, omega, licia and jason.... chatted all the way till 12... back home.. online... hehe... btw, got stopped by police though... went in thru the other side of east while on the way to yes cafe, and forgot there was a pasar malam there.. so, i went into this road, dind't realise it was a one way street... then the police stopped me.... the moment i come down... one of the officers ask me to 'kao tim' it aka bribery.. he said i'm on P some more and if i get 3 samas, then my license will digantung, i was like, what the hell, this is only my first... so, i won't give a shit... then i went back to the policeman who took my license.. and he asked me what the officer told me.. haha.. then i said he only gave me a warning.. hahahahaha... then that policeman returned my ic and said "betul ke dia hanya bagi amaran?" hehe... oh well, it was a close shave... went off b4 he had the time to ask the other policeman.. how terrible.. tsk tsk...


Monday, December 27, 2004

i was woken up by the telephone ringing.... when i glanced at the clock, "SHIT~! it's 10~!! and i've to go to school at 1030" so, i've to rush myself to get ready to school.. Quickly, i watered the plants, made myself breakfast, fed the fish.. dun even have time to sweep the floor... Fortunately, by the time i reached school which was like 1035, they were all still waiting... Waiting for Ravindran to meet up with us... well, he only came at slightly b4 11 and gave the excuse that he's been waiting for us in the office all these while.. lol..
then, we're supposed to decide which 3 of us that should be recommeneded by the school for the ASEAN scholarship for NUS.. eventually, the school's admin did the choosing...
While we were there, bj, yw and i certified our certs... then, we went to koh heng for lunch at 12 plus with boon jin, yee weng, jit-vern and ian..
Went to the bank later after that to bank in the money to ALKT.. brandon came to my house later cause he needed my cable to transfer photos from his camera to his laptop.. then, he fetched me to boon jin's house to listen to 'talks' from his sister on NUS and singapore life.. it was quite thorough... she even prepared beforehand.. haha... after all that she's said.. seems like local uni sux and singapore is so much better... the only bane is that singapore got a higher cost of living... alot of ppl went for the 'talk' though... there's me, bj, yw, jv, my, el, not to mention brandon.. haha.. he went there to 'pat'...
realised that by not playing computer.. can do alot of things.. supposedly to play ping pong with yw and bj at 530.. but in the end... i washed the car, clean up the garden a bit, swept and mopped the floor, cleaned the bath tub, fold clothes.. hmm... not to mention cook for myself...
tot wanted to sleep early. but was bugged by my 'nonsensical thinkings'.. in the end, went online and slept after that...


Saturday, December 25, 2004

woke up at 9 am (it's quite early judging that i slept at around 3am) and did some house chores, check my mail and finally, lowyat's back online~!! need to know bout the MX510 orders... and they're supposed to COD at midvalley at 8... guess i've to pay extra RM10 for poslaju... sigh..
got lots of disruptions though... alot of phone calls... kai ma called all the way from NYC~!! how nice.. they said they've been looking for my house number from 8 something till 9 something (their time, which is still eve night over there) talked to them for quite some time.. and it was nice lar..cause it's been a while since i last communicated with them.. then, called chee lim... chatted with her for quite a while...
later, jit vern came with jin ann to have lunch together.. he came bringing unwrapped presents and all the other accessories to wrap presents.. but we decided to have lunch first before wrapping them.. so, we went to eat in dave's deli after calling up yee hui in jusco.. he had only one hour lunch break from 2 to 3.. all of us had lasagna while jin ann only had ice lemon tea..
jit vern shopped a while to buy gifts for his dad.. while me, well, i'm suppose to buy soemthing too but i dun haev anything in mind.. perhaps, shall ask my sis cause usually i'll be sharing presents with her. bumped into jinfei and andrew though in friendly.
went home, wrapped presents, feeling all exhausted.. and they had to go 'visiting'.. i almopst didn't want to go cause was feeling too the end, jin ann and i slept while jit vern drove us to guan sing's parent's shop.. handed him his present (which happened to be a sat there and drink a while and then we went to guan sing's house. he tried on his new clothes that was bought from jin ann in giordano.. went to dinner with yee hui and chee lim in anika selera.. but we went there late la.. cause jitvern got stopped by police for not stopping at the red light.. luckily he only gave a warning..
so, by the time we went there, cl and yh already finished eating.. and there wasn't anywhere to sit, so.. they left so that we could sit... ordered some koay teow and we got conned~!! 3 koay teow (si hum and egg) and it costs RM8~!! how to divide??? sighh..
reached chin ping's house at around 9... and when i went in there.. there was only chee lim, yee hui and chin ping there. i was like where's everyone?! then i wished chin ping merry xmas.. she didn't even choi ngo.. aihh.. means something bad must have really happened.. and so happens that kan yee lyn (one of the organisers) ffk cause her frens not coming.. hmm.. duno lar.. seems complciated..
in the end, there were only me,chinzwen and bf, chee lim, yee hui, chin ping, jit vern, jin ann, guan sing, anand, ee lin, wan yoe and sinnyi.. luckily sinnyi and wan yoe went out with chjin ping to buy back some food.. all those 'chap chap' stuffs.. hehe... then we had lots to eat.. got satay, wat tan hor, fried mee... then we played cho tai di till everyone goes back at about 1130... by that time.. everyone was like half dead liao...haha... but this christmas.. the first christmas without family.. well, that's how i spent it with my friends... :)


Friday, December 24, 2004

One more day to Christmas, and i started off my day with AO and is supposed to play with bj and jason till lunch... but anyhow, bj got frust and quitted the game.. and i played on till 3+ while jason was busy and couldn't play with him.. Around 4 plus, went out with chin zwen and jv. they came to my house earlier actually, but i was too busy with my game..haha.. but after a while, i did join them lar... met them at JJ's in jusco, went christmas shopping with them in guardian alone~! haha.. so hebat... first time shop presents where all of us buy presents from the same shop... then, chinzwen treated me hot chocolate at delifrance cause she said she'll do so the next time she goes out with us...
Later, had to get ready to go to elim's outreach... jitvern stopped by my house and followed me there cause he said it'll be too waste of time if he went home.. i had to pick up von and shake too.. went to elim, had dinner there at about 730 (which was supposed to start at 7) then their service was at 8 till 10... they had lots of performances there with yian yan, sulyn dancing... liyen acting in a sketch where she was mother mary, cheryl and jinann as ushers...
right after elim, went to our church at 1030 cause the carolling starts at that time.. fetched thean seng back to our church where his mum pick him up from there.. (traffic in east was heavy~!) there wasn't a place to sit where we used to... so, we went to sit upstairs..
after it was all over, went out with benedict, kelvin and mag... (and the 2 girls too) ben really changed man~! he spiked his hair and he's not wearing specs annymore... so hard to be recognised..
we met up in mag's place and kelvin fetched all of us to greentown.. wanted to go to mike's place to look for gary as he's working there.. but by the time we went there, he already left.. so, we went to makan at the place next to it.. btw, kelvin stole ppl's parking space... haha.. tat guy was doing a reverse parking.. and it wasn't really in a proper place... so, he went out from the parking space to readjust the position... and kelvin just parked right up there inside.. lol... ate abit there, drank some beer... and went home at around 2 plus... supposed to wake up early to attend kar wai's baptism...


Thursday, December 23, 2004

was out practically the whole day... woke up quite late cause been playing AO till 330am.. lol.. barely had time to prepare myself to meet up with my frens in jj at 12.. reached there aronud 1230 though... and we gathered together in coffee bean. siah, kar wai, omega, wai san and von were already there when i reached. chatted abit.. and bought tickets for the phantom of the opera.. 7 tickets altogether.. me, siah, von, omega, wai san, cindy and cheryl.. went to bamboo house for lunch and mei yin 'visited' us there.. she looked much prettier though.. suddenly, cindy says that ei leng is joining us for the movie.. in the end, we bought a ticket one row in front of us (and i took that place la)
the show was quite nice.. brings back alot of memories about my sister last time when she was 'christine' in her school play.. after the movie, we went back to coffee bean.. and lepaked there till everyone goes back... it was quite late though at that time.. and i had to rush home to cook myself dinner.. then i realised i forgot to buy present for thean seng's party.. so, i had to walk all the way to the opposite end of jusco to buy smoethign.. and the cashier was being so slooooowww.. sigh... by the time i've finished my 'shopping', realised it was too late, so i bought dinner for myself.. sigh..
went to thean seng's house at 930.. and no one was there.. not even thean seng..luckily jit vern fetched me there, otherwise, had to wait alone.. then, kah hon, boon jin, yeewun and amelia came... by 10.. still no sight of thean seng's friends.. around 1030 like that.. only they came and they had their carolling performance.. haha... it was quite alrite lar... just normal singings... no parts or whatsoever.. but it was ok...
then, we played some guessing name game.. need to follow some cues wan.. if you failed, that person can draw on your face/skin... hehe.. then we had the gift exchanging session where we take gifts randomly.. haha.. i bought this lizard thingy that expands to 600 times its orignal size when it submerges into water.. and a girl called gabriena (aih, steal and modified my name) took it.. haha... then i got 3 used cassette tapes of linkin park from a girl that looks like jac...
overall, the day was quite fun lar... tmr will have a half day AO then off to church... so fast xmas eve... =)


Wednesday, December 22, 2004

spent my whole morning and night playing AO again... teamed up with a guy called syntenin, woqelo and some some dunno what guy, lvl20 soldier.
afternoon, went for lunch with chin ping, sinn yi and wan yoe.. actually, i already made lunch myself, cause they're still lots of food in the freezer.. dun wanna waste it.. the day b4 also i found some spoilt vege... and guess wat, i forgot to wash clothes this morning.. only realised that after i bath and i see the bucket quite empty.. then i realised i already soaked it in soap water.. anyhow, i did made it quite on time.. well, perhaps 15 min late, but wan yoe reached later than me.. hehe.. went to secret recipe for lunch... i only had a drink which costs 6.50~!, cp & sy took tomyam soup which cost 11.50 i thnink.. and wanyoe? lol.. a kid's fish and chips set.. they had a cheese cake for dessert.. and wanyoe gave cp and i this fluffy little ball thing.. ok, so i thought it was a bit girlish to own one.. but we soon found out that she made that herself~!! (v hard to believe... haha)
saw quite a number of ppl in jj though.. sulina, pei shan, mr chin (at SC), yen shann, yee lyn, etc. didn't see siah though although she said that she saw me in SC and passed by there a few times..
after lunch, they went to shop.. for shoes and those transparent bra dunno why cp had to buy those.. probably dun wanna make it so obvious to lik wai when she's out with him later.. then, headed on to capcom.. wasted money to try and the drum sets and the keyboard thing (which so happened to be quite faulty!~!)
went to the new house after that to water the plants.. came back, well... after watering the plants and alll, back to AO.. hahaha..
jason, bj and i supposed to meet outside the general store at 830 after our dinner.. but bj was late cause he had to go to pm.. played a few team missions.. too bad jason had to fetch her cuz from the bus station... played until 12.. then jason and i 'ventured' our own through the subways... we recruited a few ppl.. and eventually, we teamed up syntenin (which i did that earlier and lvled up very fast) and it was the best team ever... we've journeyed right into the heart of subway.. but in the end, had to back off cause the others were dead and only left 3 od us (jason, me and syn).. played till 3 something.. haha... after dying a couple of times.. but it was quite an enjoyable moment.


Tuesday, December 21, 2004

didn't do much today.. played the morning, i teamed up with a guy called Adamstrange.. well, he's quite a 'licik' guy.. ask me not to loot anything, and he keeps everything to himself, said that by the end of the day he'll split the money with me.. in the end, only gave me 2k.. whereas we killed quite a number.. ku ma came earlier with some tong yuen for me.. then, she bought lunch for me too.. how nice of her.. sister asked me to do some NTU subj registration thingy which was quite frust cause it loads so damn slow..
evening, painted the store room.. then went to chee lim's house to 'cho tong yuen' the tong yuen wasn't really that nice lor.. compared to how my mum made and the one that ku ma brought this morning.. but they said they like those soft soft and squishy ones... haha...
for dinner, sigh.. was quite a disaster.. found some spoilt vege.. and took the fresh ones out of it to cook.. then made the chu yuk peng.. dunno why.. but it ended up tasteless and i think i overcooked it.. probably i forgot to add something when i season it.. sighh.. but basically, just spent the whole day in front of the comp. sigh, what to expect when you're all alone in the house with nothing to do???


Monday, December 20, 2004

anarchy, anarchy, anarchy... i'm so addicted to that liao.. aih... was teaching myself with a DIY adobe photoshop thing... then came back to play AO.. lol... spent my whole afternoon tutoring a friend with homeworks.. at least, get to refresh my mind and exercise it abit... man, i really suck at physics... sighh...
cooked the 'chu yuk fan' for myself.. and i think i cooked too much rice... in the end, i ate so much.... can still feel the food in my stomach.. lol... but baiscally, spent most of my day in front of the comp... sigh...


Sunday, December 19, 2004

carolling daY!~

went for another practise at 11.. last and final one.. lasted till 12... and went out for lunch with chee lim, jv, becky, and jill at 1. i was quite lazy to drive out for lunch though.. in the end, jv somehow got me into driving all of them around instead of him fetching me... =|
chee lim wasn't ready at all when we reached her place.. in fact, she wasn't even at home~! she went out nannying, had to fetch her cousins.. adorable lil' cousins.. hehe.. after picking up jill, went to kfc and bumped into ming luen there...
while in the car, those ppl behind was busy taking pictures.. crazy and dumb pictures.. lol... everything was so fun, came back to my place after lunch, and chilled out a lil' still busy taking pics.. when suddenly, a phone call came... the news that choon may's mom passed away, shocked all of us...
right away, we rushed off to her house to pay a visit and to send our condolences.. came back to cook myself dinner while becky and jit vern 'messed' with my comp... jill was out with chin ping at that time.. fried rice for myself b4 going for carolling...

carolling was fun... we had to dress with long-sleeved white shirt, black pants and black shoes.. and tie~! like a waiter with tie.. jason fetched me there... met up with the rest of the carollers in elim... we only went to 3 houses for carolling.. forgot what's the owner of the house's names are.. but the 2nd house was unc soon chai's house.. (dunno spelt correctly or not).. his house is so huge.. his garden is filled with flowers.. he actually held a christmas party and we actually had to sing in front of that big crowd...
then the last house was in james ho's house.. right next to elim.. it was more relaxed there la.. we had porridge and some red wine in the final house..
reached home at about 10 plus... called chin ping and tot asking her for the leong sui in town.. haha.. but too bad, ended up onlining... =)


Saturday, December 18, 2004

*yawn* what a tiring day it is... i slept at 3am yesterday morning, and woke up at 9 today.. did the usual house chores, then played AO b4 going to chin ping's house for lunch and to help out with the 'carrying and cleaning' stuffs...

as i was saying, went to cp's house.. and she was clearing the cabinet that time... so, i settled myself down first by playing the piano.. saw the book that my sis stole back to singapore... =( then, kinda 'helped' her with the cabinet larr.. but by then, was qutie late liao, so we had lunch first...
after lunch, rested abit, then helped shift the computer table to another location, swanee and the mum went to the dentist at that time.. when they were back, they cleaned up the room where the comp was previously situated. all in all, it was very tiring.

adding to that, went out with jill and cheelim right after that... jill had to buy ingredients for the cookies that she's gonna bake for wei tek...but i went back home to bath and 'sau sam' 1st la... =P
while we went to pick chee lim up, she just went into the car, saying that she dun wanna go out... ended up 4 of us chatted in the car.. dunno bout what penang trip... finally, all 4 of us went to jj together till bout 6 plus, then head off to church. (was so tired, i slept during the sermon *blush*)

went to chee lim's house for dinner right after church.. her mom made some 'chu sau' (pig hand - direct translation) for us.. hehe.. then, kinda catch up with stuff lar... she called up ming luen and jill to go yum cha but i was too tired to follow them.. think, it's about time for me to sleep early for oncee....


Friday, December 17, 2004

wasted my whole day playing anarchy online.. it's a MMORPG game which had an offer that is, it's FOC until 06'... played from afternoon till evening b4 i go for carolling in elim... and the carolling, haha.. i tot i was late.. cause was still busy playing AO at that time...

for the first day, i actually cooked for myself; made meat and vege.. looks kinda delicious.. hehe... dun really like to cook esp if you're eating alone... have to 'defroze' the food first, then have to 'pou fan', have to cook, and aft eating, have to clean up everything.. sighh.. so time consuming... luckily not gonna cook for tmr...

in elim, all the songs they sing.. some of it never hear b4 wan.. and some songs got parts (joined bass).. :S my first and last practise.. dunno how am i gonna cope up... it's kinda like a small 'sketch' with christmas songs embedded to it.. then, we'll be walking in neighbourhoods singing..

came back, at around 10 plus.. played AO again.. till middle of the night.. if it's not for the carolling, think i've wasted my whole day.. damn, i easily get addicted to games... =(

Thursday, December 16, 2004

first official day to be home alone.. Woke up early to clean the house, sweep and mop the flooor, clean up some mess,.. so that dun humiliate myself with a messed up house when my frens come.. siah was delayed as first though.. supposed to come at 10... but in the end, came at 1030... we're making baked macaroni.. lol..

right after she came, i've to fetch omega, shake and delicia... went to jj to shop for ingredients... (and siah forgot the shopping list, so have to rely on her memory).. almost got everything in jj, except for some mozzarella cheese which is unavailable in jj due to the renovation (the frozen food section is not available)... have to go back all the way to omega's house, take the makro card from her mom, then to makro...
bought sausages and the cheese there..

printed out the recipe from the comp, and preparation began~! first, we boiled water for the macaroni and the chicken cubes.. shake chopped the sausages, delicia fried them.. after the macaroni is cooked, siah fried them together with the sausages in a super big pan... she even spilled some of it... (should get a stool for her next time).. after everything, we baked the mixed macaroni and sausages with the cheese as the surface.. and omega, well, she helped abit lar.. hehe.. but was busy with the comp most of the time.. while waiting for the macaroni to be baked in the oven, delicia made the soup... oh yeah, we bought sunkist orange juice to be shared among all of us... :D

we made 2 trays.. and it was so filling~!! we only managed to finish one tray for lunch.. means the other whole chunk is to be eaten for dinner.. how could i manage to finish that man!? only managed to finish 5/9 of it for dinner... hehe.. fortunately, managed to import help from chin ping to finish it... for supper. lol...

after lunch, we chill out and chit chat in the air-conditioned room... the weather was so blardy hot... aihh...then see omega's photos for dunno what ceremony... helped her scanned some pics and uploaded to friendster.. siah went back slightly early though, at 4 while the rest at 530... quite tiring... *yawwnn*


parents left at 8 in the morning... and since the whole house will be quiet after that,... eventually, everything turns out to be quiet... not much of an adventure.. watched 'movies' on the comp.. slept.. staring in front of the monitor.. sigh...

sis went back to singapore in the 930pm bus... and i bought edifier R102 speakers.. quite chun actually... though the subwoofer not enough 'oomph' though... haha....
tmr, siah, shake and deli will come over to cook lunch.. haha... started off with a simple plan to go cue1. then, came to think of it.. bout lunch... then turned to that plan... haha...


Tuesday, December 14, 2004

jze sern's and his dad came down.. treated my parents and my sister (not including me =( ) for lunch... have to eat alone at home... but i guess i'm gonna do that very often for the next few weeks...

went to parade after my long afternoon nap... alice bought some seiko watch which cost RM8++ , grace in bum city.. and me? sigh... just walking around... malls should have more shops for guys la.. =(
went to marrybrown's for some tea break.. and my sis asked me to do some car wash cause it's so dirty. luckily she's good enough to go to some carwash shop to do the job...
in the end, all i need to do is to clean the floor mats..

went bak kut teh for dinner.. saw kiat win there... come back, read some book.. play with nieces... damn... my lfie sounds so pathetic... =(


Monday, December 13, 2004

bumped into this in friendster... think that's it's very meaningful and true..

If you're afraid to love a person
because of friendship, you have two choices: either tell what
you feel and let the love take place or hide
the feeling under a friendship full of pretensions.

It's hard for two people to love each other when
they live in two different worlds but when these
two worlds collide and become one, that's what
you call magic!

Love can never be so beautiful without friendship.
One leads to another and the process is
The best of lovers is the greatest of
I like you because you're my friend, and because
you are my friend I care, and because I care, I love
you. I don't love you because you are my friend, I
love you because I do!
Sometimes I've asked myself, what would make
me happy? To think that I have everything else, I
get what I want. Then I realized it was YOU, too
bad 'cause it's you can't have. I can't choose who
I'm gonna love, but I also can't just love who
chooses to love me.
And you can't blame me in choosing to love you
as much as I can't blame you for not learning to
love me. I'm sorry if you can't love me the way you
loved the one before me, so I'll let you go find
him/her and hope someday you'll see that the one
true love you're looking for was the one who set
you free.
"How can I say goodbye to someone I never had?
Why do tears fall for someone who was never
mine? Why is that I miss someone I was never
with and I ask why I love someone who's love was
never mine?"
Isn't it funny we're trying to catch the attention of
the one we think we love; we hardly notice the one
we're really looking for was just there. You don't
notice them 'till they are in the arms of someone

Food for thought, think of this:
Have you really cared for someone more than
you expected?
Have you ever tried to love him/her despite of all
the pain?
Will you keep on loving him/her as he/she
whispers someone else's name?
Will you?
It's better to lose your pride with someone you
love rather than lose that someone you love with
your useless pride. When you love someone, don't
expect that person to love you back the same
amount. One of you will be ahead, the other
behind. It's either you catch up or the other waits.
When you love, you must not accept anything in
return, for if you do, you're not loving but
If you love, you must prepare to accept pain, for if
you expect happiness, you're not loving but
using. True love hears what is not spoken, and
understands what is not explained, for love
doesn't work in the mouth, nor the mind, but in the
Love is like standing on wet cement, the longer
you stay the harder it is to leave and you can
never go without leaving your prints behind. Don't
love a person like a flower, because a flower dies
in season. Love them like a river because a river
flows forever. Love doesn't have to have a happy
ending, 'cause love doesn't have to end at
all. Never be afraid to fall in love. It may hurt
a lot, it
may give you aches and pains, but if you don't
follow your heart, in the end you will cry even more
for not giving love a chance.
Love may leave your heart like shattered glass,
but keep in mind that there's someone who'll be
willing to endure the pain of picking up the pieces
so you could be whole again.

The cruelest thing a guy could do to a girl is to let
her fall in love when he doesn't intend to catch her

saw the edifier R102 in jj.. RM85.. dunno shuld buy anot...

Sunday, December 12, 2004

it was a resting day... didn't do much... dad bought back breakfast... played with my nieces and slept the whole afternoon...
went to the new house to eat 'claypot rice' for dinner... sigh, so sleepy.. *yawn*


Saturday, December 11, 2004

had a complimentary breakfast (buffet style) in the hotel.. i think the amount of food we devoured cover up most of our cost... hahaha... ok, to hell with food... back to the salient events...
checked out at around 1330.. went straight to the assumption church.. had lunch at A&W.. had some coney dogs, stole chicken from my sis... that's bout it.. hehe...

then, the wedding ceremony.. the moment i reach there... i saw my sis.. with her cleavage all appealing and seems almost to be half naked... then, the church has to cover that up with a black scarf... lol... my sister then arrived in a car where shahrukhan sat b4.. haha.. wow, she looks stunning with that cheongsam... they paid photographers to do a candid shot the whole day.. and one of them, a lady, kept on taking photographs of ashley.. the wedding was accompanied by showers of blessigns (it was raining heavily outside) and drizzled as soon as it was over..

we went back to shireen's place (bro's gf) and rested there till dinner.. james is really a good cook lar.. he made sandwiches that looks like those you get from the classy restaurants..

at the wedding dinner, which is in some bungalow that was converted to a restaurant, it was like some academy award event.. ladies dressing up all elegant and posh, greeting each other in a fashionable manner.. but the ambience was superb... it's some kind of those you see in "my best friend's wedding" with tents outside the garden, and also tables in the house la.. rosemary and christy has a special table for 2 and the family members of both sides sat next to them.. the MC, also the best man, became the life of the event.. he's hilarious, damn good singer and macho too.. and christy's frens.. are like thoes mexican type of ppl.. hahaha... loud and crazy and talks gibberish.. and there's this guy called edward, one of christy's fren, is so pervertish and likes my grace.. haha.. (must be the breasts i suppose)

overall, the dinner was great though i could hardly remember what i ate.. it was so little that we had to go for supper after that.. haha.. it's not like those traditional chinese dinner.. the moment you come in, the receptionsists (grace and wei na) would ask "would you like to have chicken or fish?" haha... imagine.. and the main course (i chose the chicken) came out to be so small.. with 3 long pieces of chicken breast.. my mum's even better.. she has BOTH chicken and fish..compliments from the owner of the place.. after the whole dinner, they had a houseparty in the main hall where everyone danced in a pub-like manner.. and my MUM.. so damn sporting... lol... that was why it took us so long to leave the place.. haha

went back to shireen's place after that, changed and it's off to ipoh.. it was almost midnight that tiem.. and as i said b4, we went out for supper cause all of us are still hungry... then my brother so funny.. reminded us of his own bday. hehe....
reached home at about 330 in the morning..

Friday, December 10, 2004

spent our morning still in christy's house... rosemary prepared breakfast.. and her kitchen.. wow.. you'll be shocked.. you open the cabinet intending to make a cup of milo from the 3in1 packets... and you noticed that it has expired since jun 2003.. take another packet of coffee.. well, that's not too bad... it just expired a few weeks ago... even the eggs in the fridge.. it's already been there for weeks.. hahaha
it's a surprised we don't get food poisoning..

we checked in in cititel at about 1 plus.. 2 rooms, one for alice and the children, and another for me and my mum... grace has to stay with rosemary cause she has to be there early for to prepare for the wedding as she is the bride's maid.. so, might as well...

we shopped in megamall.. (sigh, shopping with my mum and sis can be quite a bore in such a huge complex).. went for lunch in esquire kitchen and freelanced around the shopping mall by myself.. bumped into mun chai with the children, sarah and aaron in mph..later, went to watch ocean's twelve with brandon and lingwei in GSC...

brother joined us for dinner in esquire kitchen (yes, again).. bought shoes (YAY, new shoes~!), well, that's the only important thing for me. hahaha
went to bed after the mall closed


Thursday, December 09, 2004

our bus stopped at the railway station where rosemary's supposed to pick us up. We went straight to one utama to do some shopping, and there i met up with chee lim and her fren, hui min (hope i got the spelling correct).. clim treated me a meal at zoup (which she has promised, partly as a bday present).. played metal slug on the ps2 with hui min there too..

clim sent me back to rosemary's place at ara damansara... actually, she kinda intended to drop by to refill her bottle, which she eventually joined my family for dinner at la la chong.. lol... she's so 'kam ching' with my sisters lar.. haha.. talk girly stuffs.. haha.. same brain frequencies...

all in all, slept at about 1 plus cause we have to wait for alice to reach from her flight from sabah, meanwhile watching animatrix on the dvd.. annie and ashley's so cutee.. haha... even christy adores them...


will be leaving in about half an hours time... woke up at 0900, ate breakfast, went to toilet,and i'm onlining now... haha.. hopefully i can still blog for the next few days la. dunno whether there's a comp available for me to do that...

sigh, hope it'll be an enjoyable trip la.. dunno what's gonna happen or whatsoever... *shrug*


Wednesday, December 08, 2004

didn't practically do much today... went to cut my hair in the evening, applied for NTU online, erm... watched some tv.. laze around my bed... sighh...
supposed to go out though to jj but my DAD wants me to stay cause some freezer is coming and he needs a man's help to handle it. Apparently, the deliver was delayed till tmr.. lol.. when my dad's all alone.. (how ironic) cause we'll be leaving to kl tmr morning for my sister's wedding..


Tuesday, December 07, 2004

spent my whole morning till evening watching movie on the comp... didn't do much things though today... all my activities are all concentrated at night... went to yee weng's house for ping pong at 530.. sigh, my ping pong skill's still that bad... haha... but see boon jin and yee weng play can be quite a laugh too... hehe...

at night, went to the night market with wan yoe, sinn yi and thean seng... we met up in macy's cafe behind jj. wyoe fetched me there and just when she parked the car, we saw thean seng walking by the road.. such good timing... fortunately, it didn't really rain , eventhough the sky was quite dark at 5 something... sinnyi was late, went to pm first isntead of macy's.. haha.. after wyoe finished with her porridge and tseng with er.. fried mee, we proceeded on to the night market..

bumped into weng yip and kar wah over there... saw his car first b4 bumping into them.. hahaa... then, just walked around.. talking, looking at 'junks'... i noticed pasar malam dun really have much things to buy liao.... later, near the place where they sell 'chau tau fu', saw shake, omega and delicia... hehe... (didn't notice delicia though)

started to rain later.. and i couldn't find the 'chao koay' stall.. sigh... in the end, i never bought anything from there... only wyoe bought some scrungee (cause she needed one at that time) and the chau tau fu for her sis... after that, went to the shop in the other end of the shoplots where macy's cafe was... lepakked and yum cha there till bout 10 something... quite an enjoyable moment though.. cause it's been a while since i went out with a group of friends in this way... the previous time was with jv and jill.. but all of em' are bonded to the convention now...

feel kinda tired now... after helping my dad paint and touch up some water stains on the ceiling of the bedrooms and the bathroom... was helping my mom spread the 'news' bout the mariaville 'carnival' thing too... feels kinda weird 'propagating' all these.. hehe.. i even posted one in lowyat.. haha... i doubt if there's ever a reply.. lol.. -wonder what would happen tmr- ....


Monday, December 06, 2004

Wasted my whole morning in school. i went there to take my school leaving cert for my scholarship application. Unfortunately for me, when i reached there, Mr Louis just started his meeting. But luckily for me, i have Ian and Yew lok to accompany me there.. we waited for like until 11 plus only the meeting was adjourned. By then, Ian has alraedy left cause he has to rush for a camp in which the bus leaves at 11am. So, i have to help him ask to certify some stuffs and put it in his mailbox. Well, just when i thought as soon as the meeting was over, the procedure would be quite fast. But see see, there was a problem with the print out. The allignment was out of the range of the printing area. Luckily, it was just a small part which was then debugged by Mr Mathan who typed out the details of my certs with my own supervision.. lol..

By the time i reached home, it was already time for lunch.. Watched futurama on my sister's laptop and after that, pathetically played cs with bots.. Was quite tired after that, and tried to get some nap. Then, my sister pandai pandai ask me to go jogging in which i hesitated..hahah... tot i could get some sleep after that, but got a phone call from my mum and i had to fetch her back from school..


When i woke up, it was already 7 plus.. was quite surprised my parents never woke me up for dinner. Apparently, they already went out leaving me and my sis on our own accord. Ate leftovers whatever that's left from my mom's school which included some sandwiches, curry bun from foh san, currypuffs and egg tarts.. it was quite filling though, and appetising. Then, kinda lepak online, read mails, surf lowyat, etc. The usual stuff.. hmm, wat to do next??

Sunday, December 05, 2004

just came back from the new house after a delicious dinner of claypot rice.. it's been almost more than a year since we went there for dinner cause i had tuition on sunday nights...

before that, went to watch polar express in tgv with shake and omega.. shows starts at 245.... went there just in time cause had to fetch my mum and sis to the saloon... and traffic in jusco was kinda heavy.. after the show, met up with delicia and the sister.. and well, i just followed them aimlessly... but not for too long, cause my mum and all have already went to jusco and needed to go home for dinner...

watched alot of shows though... morning i watched 2 episodes of charmed that i've downloaded but didn't have time to watch them due to exams.. it's something about leo and the avatars and exposing himself to the sisters... hmm.. wonder how the ending will be like....

anyway, gotta go test some game tunnelling with boon jin liao.. it's like creating a VPN (virtual private network) so that we could play online among ourselves.. lol.. talk about cs hardcore..

Saturday, December 04, 2004

Last and final day for our LAN party... this time, we managed to reach there on time.. cause i gave yee weng a wake up call at 8am.. lol... but on reaching there, nobody was there yet though, so.. we just played among the 3 of us... only later thean seng, xing min and jason came...

approximately around 11 something, we went to acs for some wesley church fun/food fair.. we have tickets worth RM110 to spend thanks to boon jin's mom.. and we can just finish up all those tickets in aobut half an hours time.. haha.. hebat eh? we bought, koay teow, chicken drumstick, popiah, half chicken, corn dogs, etc.. and this thean seng actually bought 9 pieces of those "apong" from one stall, just because his ex persuades him to buy... sigh...

when we reached home at about 2, yew lok and di lun were arleady there.. we had our 'picnic' in his kitchen and man,.. we were damn full.. after that, we continued our game.. after troubleshooting my own comp..which was infected by some malwares, we continued with our cs-league.. this time, we have a new player, yee hui, cause jason went for a lunch date... played until 5 something cause i had to go to church at 7...

at night, my sis let me see the singapore idols performance on the net.. stream their videos from the official site.. downloaded a few of jac's songs for my sis to listen to... guess it's off to sleep... =)


Friday, December 03, 2004

feel so hungry now.... everyone's taking a break.. played since 9am till now. too bad for yew lok, wasted half a day cause his comp got network problem after removing a virus.. played cs till afternoon, then mohaa.. wanted to play NFSU but got cdkey problem...

for the LAN party, we're supposed to have 2 teams... each team in one room.. first team is in boon jin's bedroom consisting of boon jin himself, thean seng, jason and yee weng... while the others are xing min, di lun, yew lok and me! which is just the room beside boon's room that's being connoected through the toilet.. lol, thean seng's a good snipist while yee weng? sigh.. always camping.. then there's this map called "de_ratz" where all of us are miniature size humans inside a kitchen.. CS's started off in a freezer while terrorist (who's supposed to plant a bomb by the sink) starts off in the opposite room... hahaa.. they even got a matrix poster on the table and condoms isnide some drawers...

btw, sister's back from singapore early this morning.. too bad for her, i took away our router cause supposed to be used for our network.. but luckily, boon jin managed to get a 5 port switch from his dad's office, which means there's of no necessity for my router..

sigh, so bored now.. di lun's busy chatting with msn.. over the other room, boon jin and yee weng playing fifa, jason and yew lok playing gunbound... thean seng? hmm.. surfind friendster again i guess.. and xing min's just walking aronud.. haha.. guess he's worse than i am... *sighs*

Thursday, December 02, 2004

exam is over.. and here comes LAN party.! woke up early in the morning to clean up the house b4 proceeding to boon jin's house.. started off by wiping the house window from 7 something.. then, have to scrub the garden's seat and table.. cause my dad just bought a new swing to replace the old garden seat and while i was cleaning my room,i have to help out my mom with her school's petty cash thing.. cause she just hired a new clerk and i kinda need to 'guide' her with excel stuffs...

after that only i could move on to boon jin's house.. and oh yeah, my dad finally gave me the permission to bring my comp there after persuading and telling him the whole BIG situation.. oh well, went there, set up my comps and played cs source.. around 7-8 of us are there though.. partly cause some 'members' still have their bio paper in the afternoon... boon jin, yee weng, thean seng was there first.. then chun hao came with seng hui.. should look at the team's spirit la... right after their paper, jason and yew lok came over liao. hahah... but they have to go for some steamboat thingy in MP at 7.. too bad i arleady told my mom that i'm going home for dinner..

it's all so different at home without my comp and my mum's taking a one month break of tuition cause they're going to aus in the middle of the month.. stuck with my sis for half the month..
oh well, gotta cont now... tmr's the big day... =)


Friday, November 26, 2004

it's been a while.. never noticed i still had a blog till i browse around other ppls blog from lowyat.. lol... been reading back my old one and had a few good laughs, so.. what the heck.. might as well continue it...

stpm's gonna over soon!! 5 more days... having my PA book on my lap now while surfing around.. haha... busy making wallpapers for my upcoming LAN party.. sigh, have to persuade my dad again to bring my comp... his reason for me not to take it is afraid of the probability to knock the comp.. ?!?!?!
sheesh.. all the other 9 players dun have problem.. whereas i'm the only one who has a father whose being so protective over the computer when i am the one who NEEDS to use the computer..
probably he dind't know the fact that it's not some small time thing... my friend's been planning it since middle of the year now...

was talking to becky over the webcam in msn at around 9 seomthing...hyperactive woman.. she went for clubbing.. went home at around 2am plus... and still wanna chat... then get to see some of her 'leng lui' friends over there in reading.. haha... she looks kinda chubbier liao.. after all the potatoes for her meals i suppose.. but it looks better la.. no more skin and bones....

anyway, need to get back to studying... 5 more papers to go in 3 days.... *sigh*

some samples of the wallpapers..

original version

one of the edited ones..

Monday, June 07, 2004

home sweet home~! just came back about 2 hours ago.. took a bus from kl back to ipoh..
The journey back home felt like forever... the flight yesterday which was scheduled at 6.30pm was delayed until 9.20pm!! crazy eh?? but at least, they did compensate for their delay by having complementary KFC, and they even have lucky draw (i.e. according to your ticket number) and some quizzes along.. I even had 3 dinners on that night... first was at Burger King, then back at my sister's house due to the delay, and the complementary KFC from the airplane.. haha... babi eh?

I practically slept the whole day yesterday too... just woke up for church, then escort my parents to the airport, came home, eat lunch and sleep till it's time for our flight.. The trip to sabah was overall superb! haha... everything's planned well.. *sigh* i guess it's back to studies and exams... have to adapt back to those type of environtment.. +/

Sunday, June 06, 2004

Well, we didn't go to Tambunan after all... but at least half way to it. haha.. instead, we drove up a hill (God knows what's the name) and stopped by at the highest point... There, they ahve this tree-top houses where ppl stay on tree tops.. sounds cool eh? But basically, we went up there just to get some fresh cold air and to have a cup of hot coffee.. hehe.. but we saw this few bunch of 'giant' rabbits... very huge in size.. then outside there's this monkey wandering about, 'scaring' off ppl... Lol..
anyhow, need to get off the comp dee... tata..

Saturday, June 05, 2004

Such a peaceful saturday morning here in sabah.. the weather is cloudy, everything's so quiet..probably cause my 2 nieces ain't around for they have followed my 2nd sister to 'escort' sache to the airport.. i'm not able to blog yesterday night to 'record' the events for yesterday cause i had a terrible diarrhoae which lasted the whole night.. fortunately, the pain is gone now.. the only pain that still lingers are my thigh, buttock and backbone muscles (not to mention a minor headache too).. probably cause i've overstrained myself from the beach yesterday..

hmm... about yesterday, well, it was quite an exhausting but exhilirating experience.. we started off at 9 in the morning.. the boat's supposed to be scheduled to leave at 930 but we were a bit late... but it doesn't really matter.. cause we rented the whole boat for ourselves..

The boat ride was a thrilling affair!! the boat literally flew up and down, splashing into the waves, with the sea water splahed into all of us.. the 2 kids especially, really enjoyed themselves.. i didn't know how long the boat ride lasted, maybe 10-15 minutes? not sure.. but we arrived safely on the manukan island.. the moment we reached the jetty, we saw schools of fishes swimming around.. it was beautiful! the sight from the jetty on the island was really absurd.. the swaying trees, the sandy beaches and most importantly of all, the sea is beautiful...

Settled ourselves down at some picnic table for tourists.. we picked the one near the jetty cause there's a big crowd at the far end of the beach... First, we surveyed around the whole island..then there was this buffet lunch which is at a cost of RM60 per head.. the seafood are so fresh! but it's actually abit pricy plus the fact that we already prepared sandwhiches and junkfoods early in the morning.. After surveying around, it's time for a SWIM!! the main purpose to be there is actually for snorkeling.. therefore, we practised to breath through the gadget before going to the snorkeling place.. *sigh* it's not as simple as it seems though.. swallowed loads of sea water while practising to snorkel.. Finally, after much hardwork, we managed to stay under the sea for quite some time.. Then, it's time for us for the real experience!!

We went to a place which is supposed to be rich with fishes.. The water was clear, no doubt.. but we couldn't really find any fishes.. Only one small spot where we can only see several fishes swimming around.. After some time there, we went back to our 'territory' and rested for a while.. Yiche then suggested to snorkel near the jetty where we saw the abundance of small little fishes.. I was the first to go there, cause the others are lying down dead on the poncho which was then used as a picnic mat.. Anyway, there really was alot of fishes there.. the only setback is that the water was quite muddy.. I saw this really big colourful fish.. seems like the colours of rainbow actually..

By the time everything was over.. i was dead tired! think i overstrained myself.. lol.. at around 4, we went island hopping to sapi island and the other islands which was just all around... the ride wasn't as thrilling as before cause the boat speed wasn't really fast.. We went back to the harbour, ate some fried chicken there then settled down back at home.. Everyone dropped dead on their respective bed.. and me, i was busy visiting the toilet frequently... *sigh*

Oh well, we'll be leaving to Tambunan now... ciao!

Thursday, June 03, 2004

i tot today will be a boring day cause we dun have any plans besides having lunch with my sister' fren.. However, it was another adventure and exhausting day for us (shopping!!)... the morning started off quite slowly.. woke up at about 8 something.. ate some sandwhich for breakfast, then played cho tai di till lunch time... We went to some seafood restaurant for our lunch.. the food there was superb.. i was really stuffed back there.. lol..

then later, right after that, we went to the philipino market and tot we could buy back some souveniers cause they supposed to offer a variety of handicrafts and stuff.. But the price there was quite expensive, plus it's hot and stuffy inside there.. the 'market' is actually inside a few buildings that are joined up together.. then it was so congested inside with hardly any space to walk.. fortunately for us, it wasn't really crowded then.. and the SMELL there..! eww.. it smells like when you're at the super kinta market.. the smell of those chicken or salted fish kind of smell.. eww.. couldn't bear with it...

we didn't stay there for long though... our next stop was at wisma merdeka.. it was supposed to be THE shopping centre where we could really shop for stuffs.. not like centre point where it's only good if you wanna shop for branded stuffs.. anyway, back to wisma merdeka.. went surveying around at first the whole complex with my dad while the ladies spent their time looking at their women stuffs... but we bump into them into this shop called "Tong's Department".. wow! there was sale everywhere... all the clothes, are so cheap... i bought a few pairs of Timberland shorts worth RM5 each.. then BUM shirts are like 70% off.. even bought a very nice winter clothing for RM50.06.. hehe.. i think if it's bought outside, it's worth at least hundred plus.. while my other siblings bought some bras, swimming suits and pants.. we needed to full baskets to fill our stuffs.. lol...

after that, we thought of heading to a RM5 shop.. but we came across this shop..(forgot what's the name) and it says 60-70% off for clothes.. so, as usual for a typical woman, my sisters went in to check it out... see see.. the clothes there are miserably cheap!! you can even get a RM0.30 top there after discount.. the other clothes (mainly tops) are like multiples of RM0.30.. majority of the tops there are just RM2.40.. although it's a bit bare, but it's actually quite nice.. the only seTback is that you can't try on the clothes and once it's bought, you can't change neither is it refundable.. Imagine, tops that are worth RM0.30.. even the thread itself is more expensive than that.. my whole family is literally laughing all the way while they shop... it's just rather unbelievable.. i think if thses clothes are to be brought back to peninsular msia and be resold in a boutique, it can actually go for the price of 19.90 or even 29.90.. cause yiche said that there are ppl who actually buy clothes from here and resold back in their own boutique.. Even when we got back into the car, sache was like still cannot rationalise of the price of the top!

Went to some convenient store later to buy stuffs for the trip tmr that is to the beach..
Bought lots of goodies and junk food..yum yum! Then we went to take a look at yiche's dream house.. it was really big... a semiD house with a big backyard and the developer actually used good material to build the house.. he even bought 2 houses there for his own.. haha.. and it's only RM400k...

Oh well, never knew that shopping can actually be quite tiring.. must sleep early tonite for another hectic day tmr.. gtg liao... asta la vista..!

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

finally, am able to get back to civilisation.. haha.. not to say that it's bad in Kundasang, but the reception there is very bad, they only have tv1 and tv2, and the coverage for hp there is really bad, well.. at least it is for my phone..

However, the sceneray there was great!! really ber-nature lar.. with mountains and hills all around.. we stayed at some resort called Zen's Garden Resort for one night.. we rented one whole house with 3 rooms.. although it's a bit old, but that's the only house with a lotus pond and a beautiful scenary.. the weather there is so damn cold.. it's as cold as genting highlands.. around 21C-24C.. then from our place, we can see the peak of mount kinabalu.. haha..

After we checked into our resort, we went to the "Cabbage King's" Farm.. haha.. ppl called him that cause he's supposed to be the greatest supplier of cabbage for the whole of Malaysia.. anyway, we got permission to his farm cause my sis's husband helped him in some court case before and made frens with him.. ooh.. the experience in the farm was so great.. first, we need to travel miles just to get into the farm, luckily they have a Prado to fit all 7 of us plus 2 kids inside the car... the ride was so bumpy it's as though we're sitting on some wheelcart or somehting.. when we reached there, we went on a ride on their truck!! haha.. it was so cool.. we get to stand on the cargo area with my dad and 2 sis.. then we plucked vege and fruits, while enjoying the cool breeze and the beautiful scenary.. was so fun...haha.. and guess wat? with all the abundant vege and the food that we brought there, we managed to finish EVERYTHING!! haha.. my sis made some potato salad, then we ate steamboat for dinner, junkfoods in btw meals while playing cho tai di.. haha... =D

the next day, we visited Kinabalu park after chekcing out from the resort.. unfortunately, it was raining and the mist/clouds covered the top of the hill, so we couldn't manage to catch the beautiful glimpse of the sight.. that's tthe place where mountain climbers register, have their prerequisite training b4 climbing the mountain..

Such a tiring trip.. and i have to go eat my spaghetti dinner now... tata!!

Monday, May 31, 2004

finally, get some time off for me to online here.. just had my dinner in the house.. every meal also we ate seafood cause it's an abudant here and all also very meaty wan.. hehe.. soo nicee... btw, the time of day here is quite confusing.. when i woke up this morning... the sun outside make it seem as if it's 9 something.. but actually it's only 7 plus... then after breakfast.. went back to sleep after that and when i wake up... tot it was 2 something but it's only 12.. haha.. still havbent adapted to the time here..

then went to centre point, wow.. the shops there are like much better than ipoh, got more branded shops here, like Elle, FOS, Guess and stuff there whereas ipoh dun have.. then the lower floors are those indonesian shops where they sell handicrafts and other cheap things at a very low price. haha... it's something like a high class flea market.. and my sis spent hours at some 'street side' accessory shops.. all the goods thehre are so cheap.. it's like 5-6 bucks with a buy one free one for nice necklaces, bracelets and other accessories...

later, went to the cultural show at some long houses... we got quite a good timing actually, cause it's their kaamatan festival or something... which is the harvesting festival... the have carnivals, performances and other traditional stuffs which makes a good spot for tourists like us!! haha.. we even danced sumazau with the locals there, took pictures with some pretty kadazanian with their traditional costume.. and there's this place, where everyone jumps on this hole that are supported by planks and it's like a wooden trampoline.. haha.. so fun!! but damn tiring.. but one setback there bout the place is that it's quite filthy... very muddy all around..

tmr will be going to kundasang, staying at the foot of Mt. Kinabalu for a night.. supposedly it's super cold there.. haha.. can't wait.. which means, i won't be able to online for 2 days.. *sigh* oh well, at least i get to have fun!! keke.. need to wake up super early too... cause lleaving at 6.. it's a 2 hours journey i think.. till then, enjoy the hols!!

Sunday, May 30, 2004

i'm in sabah now.. onlining with my sis's notebook with a 28.8kbps connection... haha.. so long time never use slow cononection dee.. but it's better than nothing rite.. haha.. KK is actually quite a big place actually.,. better than ipoh actually.. and slightly more advance than ipoh actually.. it's like a different countrry.. they have their own laws, not terikat with the Persekutuan Law.. and indians are considered as a rare species here..cause they are so little of them..

woke up super early this morning.. 4.00!! cause my flight's at 0700 and have to be at the airport by 0500.. sat on the Air Asia flight.. supposedly to be very terrible, cause everyone will have to practically rebut inside the plane cause it's free sitting.. fortunately, we're there early and we're quite in front of the queue.. so the sit is actually ok... the flight lasted for 2hrs and 20min (and they didnt' serve no nothing at all!!).. my 2nd time sitting on an airplane.. first time was when i was a kid.. from kl to ipoh.. LOL... oh well.. haha..

Later might be going clubbing with my sisters and her fren.. at some beachside or something.. supposed to be well known for it's unsafetiness cause usualy got all the fights, havoc and stuff wan..haha... but at least, can open up my horizon a bit..

kaylar.. that's so far bout now.. it was quite a bore just now.. so damn tired... had an afternoon nap after playing with my nieces.. My, have they grown!! so adorable but superr naughty.. hehe... alrite then, need to watch my sister's performance on vcd... kononnya got solo. sheesh, see see got few lines only.. lol.. tata for now... =)

Saturday, May 22, 2004

finally.. after months of hibernating myself at home.. am able to set myself 'free' from my 'cave' to a movie marathon today.. haha.. watched 2 movies at once today... shrek 2 and van helsing... things didn't went well at first but it turned out to be okay... ei leng screwed things up with the tickets cause she deliberately went to do some 'shoe shopping' first after seeing a "70% sale" in NOSE... *sigh* how typical of a woman..

anyway, this is how the story goes.. she's supposed to buy tickets for cheryl, sulyn and cindy for van helsign too.. with us for the 11.15 show.. but after buying her shoe, she realised taht she doesn't have enough money to buy our tickets... so, she bought 3 of their tickets first and delayed ours since i already booked mine... i went there late cause have to fix up my comp due to some PSU prob.. by the time i met her, it was arleady quite late.. almost bout 11... i msged her b4 that for the reference number to get the booked tickets but she deleted my msg and forgot the number... in the end, by the time she wanted to buy the tickets, they already cancelled our booking cause it's passed 30 min b4 screening time.. in the end, we have to watch shrek first then only van helsing... and the delay btw the 2 shows is 5 min!! no time for lunch....

van helsing's damn good... the new cinemas in tgv is quite good.. albeit the sitting is very limited (up to F only i think) the surround sound is so much better than the old ones.. can really feel the vibration of the whole cinema.. haha.... the show's a bit illogical lar... but it's very nice.. actually had some relationship with the show 'Underworld' cause it's something bout vampires and werewolves towards the end of the show.. bumped into jit vern they all inside the cinema... jin ann was sitting directly in front of me with chin ping at the side, and a shaved head guy next to chin ping... haha.. =p

After the 2 movies, went for pizza.. wanted to try the new platters.. and the both of us managed to finish one regular pizza, one plate of platters, and a salad (the salad almost gonna finish lar,hehe) plus all the side dishes like the soup and breadsticks... i was really stuffed man... and that's for teatime.. haha... went home later after that to church along with my newly bought iCute PSU (dunno whether good anot but that's the best one there), a new CSB soundcard and a cheap mic.. haha....

it was an enjoyable moment although a bit tiring.. sigh.. need to study for computing lar.. but already got the slacking mood liao.. haha.. *sigh* oh well, wish me luck for my paper... till then, ciaoz!

it's almost been a week since i really last came online to chat.. thank goodness mid-term is all over... although there're still 2 more computing papers to go on monday and tuesday.. but they are not counted in our form positions... =)
and today's our last paper... maths paper 2... it was the only paper that i couldn't really do. sigh... was really terrible... think gonna do badly for my maths paper... even for my first paper..dunno why also... was so super-blur at that time... something like a 'brainfreeze' but it's more like 'brain-blurred'...

anyway, it's all over!! the next thing that we need to worry about is trial exams... hope starting from now will do some constant studying lar... (though i doubt not)
tmr will be a de-stress day... gonna watch 2 movies in a row.. haha... so long time never go out with friends to watch movie dee.. hehe.. good for a change though...
need to send my comp to the 'hospital' also.. power supply malfunctioning.. it auto shuts off the comp after a while... and when it cools down, it's operational back... i think it's due to the heat wave in hot weathers.. cause it seems that i'm able to use it at night but at in the afternoon or morning.. dunno whether they have a connection anot, but i need to change it anyhow...

kla.. need to gget some sleep... nitez!

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

today's another day where disaster comes in... our 'favourite' moderator.. mr karu.. wouldn't be happy if he doesn't make life miserable to others... He made my whole class stayed back today, do 4 hours of school service on Saturday, make us do lame LCD persentation (2 quest per person) and photostate our work to everyone, if nobody ask question, well, he'll just ask us questions and if we couldn't answer it, he'll just give us more work for us to do... ALL of this.. just because we didn't prepare his work for today... and he didn't even ask us to prepare... but it's partly our fault also lar... cause he said b4.. that everytime he comes into the class, he wants all of us to prepare our work, expecting to see hands flying high up in the air...
he even threatened to write bad remarks on our testimonials if ever we dare challenge him.... even made us sign some letter asking us not to repeat all these mistakes again. haha.. like what boon jin said writing that letter is like 'jual diri' like that... well, looking at the bright side, (like what Ian says).. at least it's not an ordinary mundane routined life.. there's soemthing different for a change... Lol... sigh... and exam's getting near.... dun ever think can finish studying... but whatever we're doing in school, during our free MUET periods, boon jin, yee weng and i will be gathered at the back, doing past year questions, covering random topics.. it's quite an efficient way to study though.. hope it'll last lar.. even until after exams...
hmm.. better dun write so long.... need to take a nap before forcing myself to study... =/

Saturday, May 08, 2004

after a 3 and a half hours of"good nights" sleep since i came back from LSC at 9.30... i still feel like lying down on my bed to continue my slumber, but that would be a bit piggyish, wouldn't it? kekek.... didn't sleep much last night though... the most also about 45 minutes... from 5.45am till 6.30am... but it was quite a worthwhile stay though last night... here's some recap to what had happened..............

supposed to be in La Salle Centre by 1945 to prepare ourselves for the La Sallian play on John Baptist De La Salle.. reached home from Goh's tuition at 1900, had dinner then Anand came and pick me up at 1930.. the play was quite alright though, ran quite smoothly, lasted for about and hour and ended at almost 2200...

then we had dinner, well, not for me at least.. the OT(organising team) members, that are the 10 ppl who are involved in the La Sallian Convention, only had their dinner after the play.. All i ate was just the fruits.. =) honey dew that is.. some of them were rotten, bro matt said some of them tastes like bugs.. LOL, and all of us are happily eating the honey dew at the table.. then, we chatted for a while.. too bad the other non OT members couldn't stay, only jin ann and me are the non OT members that are staying.. quite sesat eh?

we then went up and join the other delegates for the 'reflection' session, which was conducted by er, jit vern and i dunno who.. haha...suppose to have some LCD presentation wan.. but the notebook had a serious error and wans't able to open powerpoint.. so the multimedia presentation was cancelled.. then they played some relaxing songs as a backgroud music for us to reflect on.. it had been a while since i'm inside these type of session.. the last one was during LTC i think... heard some ppl cry though, but mainly are the girls lar... kay, not important anyway....

after the whole session has ended, they moved for supper whereas the OT team is going to have a meeting... when i came down, i saw Jin Ann started on her PA hw dee at the dining table.. which we planned to do together when those ppl are having their meeting.. jin fei was still there at taht time.. when he went back, we shifted to the study room to continue our essay... haha.. had some crazy fun at that time though while doing the essay... doing and saying crazy things.. copying each other's essay, cracking our head to finish it up..

When they had finished their meeting, we still had one more point and a conclusion to finish, and we finished it up quite fast though... then everyone gathered around that table, preparing for tmr's thingy.. tearing some paper into small no-shape size(i actually have no idea what are those things for), making banner, etc.. Su Lyn came with a hot coffee which at that time answered to my call for hot drinks.. haha... then she offered me hers.. but i 'bancuh' another cup though after i finished that cup.. made one for myself and another one for kian mei.. mixed 3in1 milo and 3in1 coffee together.. haha.. and it didn't really come out that nice... maybe not for mine though, it was abit diluted, but kian mei said hers was ok... we sat down and chat for almost like 'an hour'?? (didn't really keep track of time).. wanted to go out for supper though, but only JV has a car, and i dun think he really want to drive out, then sulyn says she'll drive his car (jokingly) for supper, but first, need to bath first cause didn't wash her hair for the whole day *eeewww*...

After our 'fellowship' has ended, everyone wanted to sleep jor.. but jin ann and i didn't stay over just to sleep there!!.. haha.. then some of us are still awake rotting over.. jv and cheryl at that time was doing some 'thank you' card, wai tien was studying physics at the dining hall, kian mei and sulyn, well.. think they joined jin ann and i to rot.. haha... but later both of them went to study, kmei went to do maths and slyn went to study bio and chem... then (as usual), when i got ntg to do.. try to entertain myself by 'kacauing' them lor... once i came into the dining hall, slyn asked me some chemie stuff.. and left me there cracking my head for almost a whole 10 min.. after solving that, went to see what kian mei and wai tien are doing.. then i tried to study some physics with wtien's notes... (she got a test tmr , with Mr NG, some pre mid term test. ekke) cheryl and jv then came to join us... cheryl studied her econs, while JV's copying MR Chin's tuition notes..Jin ann later came with some maths questions from the federal book... sigh.. was it a disaster... not able to answer it... meanwhile, duno who brought up the word 'hungry' and causes me feel hungry liao.. luckily there were some left over cakes from tea time.. they had 'swiss cake' and banana cake... then mixed another cup of mile.. hmm. was i a babi at that was getting really late though... almost 2 or 3 something...

After i gave up with the maths question, went to the computer room to see what the others are doing.. jin ann was playing minesweeper at that time.... then slyn and wtien wanted to go online.. but somehow, the connection wasn't there... after checking properly, see see it's the cable on the NIC's loose.. they checked on hi5, friendster and their mails... that wai tien is a big fan of survivor... she knows so many of websites taht relates to it.. kian mei fell asleep at the sofa outside, while cheryl, sulyn and jin ann were looking at convention pics..(think jv went to sleep jor) we had nice r&b songs as our background music though.. =) then my itchy fingers go press buttons and terpress the cd tray button, which eventually somehow caused to songs unplayable after reinserting the disc (oops!) but nvm.. just had to live without music..... we hanged around there for qutie some time though.... cheryl told us some 'stories' thru the convention pics; i.e. what's happening and stuff... the had so many folders of it lar.. got DigiA, digiB, digiC, etc.. and each one has loads of pics inside...

After seeing all the pics, it was almost er.. 4 something if i'm not mistaken... so damn bloody tired lar.. then we hanged around at the living hall... jin ann was getting herself comfortable at the sofa... each of us took one for ourselves, preparing to sleep... then i asked cheryl, why are we lying down here when there's a room with air-cond and beds just over there?? then, we moved ourselves into the room.. jin ann, wai tien and kian mei was still ouitside though... kmei was sleeping there lar... but dunno why jin ann didn't came in... she fell asleep at the sofa there... wai tien was 'studying' her physics...

Then we took our beds lar... i took the one paling to the side, sulyn the middle one and cheryl the other end... then we laid down, chatted abit.. then slyn was complaining her hair's very itchy (mind you, she still havent washed her hair yet)... then later wai tien came and join us... and stole my bed... later, all of us decided to sleep...cheryl had to wake up at 0630 and is responsible to wake everyone else up at 0700.. it was around 5 something then... I then went to lock up the computer room, then keep our books from the dining hall... by the time i went back into the room, everyone was asleep then.... *sigh* then i took my place on the bed above wai tien's (it was a double decker) and slept..... (if i'm not mistaken it's around 0545 at that time)

*tick tock, tick tock*.... cheryl's hp woke me up at 0630... then i tot dun bother bout it lar.. since it wasn't that loud.. and i went back to sleep... everyone was still sleeping although the alarm rang... haha... then about 5 minutes later... *buzz, buzzzz*.. sulyn's hp was vibrating in her pocket.. it was very loud lar... then i woke up and exclaimed, "whose hp is that?" then saw some bright white light from slyn's side... cheryl was then awaken by slyn's alarm.. and turned on the lights... all of us was already woken up at that time... but trying to use the pillow to cover our eyes from the bright fluorescent light... it was so damn cold lar... all of us were practically frozen.. wai tien and cheryl said they all 'kaku' jor.. slyn had jv's windbreaker but still she was hmm.. had to roll myself up on the bed... went to the toilet.. it was so nice.. cause it's so warm in there... then when i came out, they switched off the air-cond dee...
went back to my bed and continue to doze off.. cheryl went to bath.. and sulyn.. still hasn't bath yet.. haha...

but couldn't sleep already liao at that time... dunno why also... then talk talk abit... jin ann and kian mei then joined us in the room... and cheryl's still bathing... wai tien says her she got toothache, probably cause she ddin't brush her teeth.. ekkke... su lyn and wai tien crammed on wai tien's bed.. cause kian mei took over sulyn's bed.... after cheryl came out, we went to wake everyone else up (and it was finally sulyn's turn to bath)... when i went up to take my toothbrush, everyone has already waken up..

kay...then fastfwd to 7.30... all of us are gathered at the car park there... for another round of reflection... they installed for the delegates yoga lessons.. haha... then at 8.. went to have our breakfast... "American Breakfast!" got eggs, red beans, sausages and ham... then later at 830, dunno what session is that.. i call it the ice breaking session.. cause everyone was singing and playing games.. one of the games is the 'squirrel' game... anyhow,to make it "short", i went back home with jin ann... her mom came and picked us up at about 0900.... then came home and slept at 0930...

such a long recap eh? sorry... but i included almost every detail that i remembered... haha.. hey, it was something that is not routined... anyhow, need to get back to my sleep.. been blogging for almost and hour liao... tata...

Thursday, May 06, 2004

such a tiring day it is.... i only reached home at almost 8.00pm since i left home for school at 6.45am ..
sheesh, such a hectic day... actually, it wouldn't be too bad if it wasn't for the heritage play practise.. suppose to have a full dress rehearsal, and it shouldn't take that long but our performance is not up to standard so they ask us to do it once more..

let me explain it properly... the practise is suppose to start at 1.30pm.. the starting was like normal la, some warming up; singing 'hysterical' over and over plus some other songs. then into the rehearsal... each time it took for like almost an hour, plus some 'advice' from eric and bro matt. it really took us some time.. usually the normal practise would have ended at about 3.00pm and by the time they have finished their 'advice', it's past 3.30pm and they want another practise.. therefore, it lasted altogether until almost 5.00pm..

Back to the practise, although it was abit frustrating, there were parts when things goes funny and we all have a good laugh bout it.. ntg much though actually, perhaps maybe for the children's scene, when kah hon was supposed 'fall down' after being threatened by the teacher (Anand).. well, he did deliberately fall.. LOL.. he just practically step a few steps backwards and start to squat down and cry.. (when he was actually supposed to trip, then fall which in turn will result him to cry) in the end, he need to stay back for 'falling down practises'.. :D

and the 'costumes'.. wow, were De La Salle's sisters looked nice... (played by Jin Ann and Ee Lin) they all really dressed up until very nice with dresses, scarfs and other accessories... then Wai Tien, although she just play as some 'lady dying of hunger' she sure dress up till very good...

anyway, the real thing is tmr... at night.. it's suppose to start at 9.00 but i guess i have to be there after tuition which ends at 6.45pm... hopefully can stay over night there... and go out for SUPPER(!) or something.. =)

kaylar.. think i better be going off to sleep liao... physically and mentally tired... came online actually just to compile some notes that we typed today (acted like some secretary during computer lesson and typed out the whole question and answers for 2003 paper... me, jit vern and boon jin really make a good team of secretaries though) suppose to upload files to them lar... and i think i'm getting sick, my whole body is getting warmed up... must be cause of the rain while going to tuition... *sigh*
anyway, think i'm gonna waste today and tmr's precious time.. dun think can study much in those 2 days..


Monday, May 03, 2004

wow... been out almost the whole day today... the depriveness of hanging around, chit chatting with frens.. well, today's an exception one...

woke up quite early this morning,.. around 9 somethign.. (in which i slept at 2 plus the night b4) swept the floor, check out whose online, play the piano... and stuff.. haha... it's just nice beiing home-alone early in the morning without anyone there... you could do anything you want, y'know...

parents only came back around 11... ate my breakfast that they bought for me.. then went out to jj at 1130 when jit-vern came... watched starysky & hutch with jv, becky, brandon, chun heng, chee lim, jill and wei tek.... then there was this crazy old man in the cinema... who screams everytime there's a funny/exciting part.. lol.. how irritating... making all those weird noises.... hehe.... but overall, the show was quite ok lar.... though there's room for alot of improvement... alot of scenes that they try to make it funny but it's not.. haha... but i learned a new quote though.. from william shakespeare, which reads "to err is human, to forgive is divine" 8)

then, later after the movie, yee hui came.. haha... he flake out on us for the movie.. keeke... supposedly wanna study.... later, went out for lunch in MP Greentown... had a long chat there... until 430 from around 230 cause becky needs to go back to kl at 430.... came home around 5.. slept for one hour befoer physics tuition at 7..

physics tuition lasts for 3 hrs 30 minutes since tmr's a holiday... so, i tot during break buy the tongkat ali drink, together with boon jin, to last us for the whole lesson.... well, it did some effect for boon jin, but it made me sleepier... wackier.. haha... actually, mr ng forgot that the class's supposed to end at 10 then some stupid fella go remind him bout it.... sigh..

and i tot the day's going to end... but went out with omega they all right after tuition... followed jason there... haha.. so long time never see them... had a really nice chat with them.... talked until 12.30..... omega, jason, delicia, shake, von, charissa and her bf is there.. but charissa and the bf are like in their own world. aih.. they should have gotten their own table lar.. ciss..

overall, it was fun lar... the day.. although didn't really touch any books... and i left my tuition in jason's car.. then, my bro came back too with his gf... anywya, goonna have a good night's sleep liao..

Saturday, April 24, 2004

finally, majority of the MUET examination is over... though it didn't really turn out that well... the comprehension was quite hard though... silly mistakes in the listening paper and the essay.. well, didn't know whether answered it correctly anot... cause the required thesis statement was rather confounding..

Anyway, glad it's all over.. the only thing left is the speaking test.. and our mid-year exam is due 3 weeks.. sigh, guess it's just one week per subject and the remaining ones, well.. will just go down the drain... After that dragging morning was over, finally..SLEEP~!!! sighh... i even got lost with time in my beautiful slumber... didn't even realise what day it was when i woke up... lol..

Later, after the sunset mass.. parents decided to go to UDA ocean to do some 'spring shopping'... which was a BIG mistake for me to follow them,... it was a devastating experience there...
first and foremost of all, my parents are there to do some marketing... in which, i have ZERO interest in it.. especially in the supermarket, in which i'll turn into their lackey pushing their trolley around, waiting for them to choose the right fruits to buy... it can be lingering there....

Therefore, i decided to wander around that shopping complex in which i never stepped foot into it for the last few years... everthing seems so new to me - the environment, the shops, etc... I had the impression that it's a 'lepakking' place for the malays, and to my surprise, i find alot of non-malays there too... And there's an umpteen handphone shops there.... both the ground floor and the first floor... it's like an extravaganza of handphone products; lining from the oldest model of every brand to the newest ones.. anyhow, enough of the assets inside the mall...

After roaming the whole shopping centre, (which only took me around half an hour) I went back in searching for my parents.. and the goods they are about to take out.. "WOW!" i think if we stayed there for another 30 minutes, they can fill in another trolley, FULL!... when we reached the cashier not long after, i was like thinking "Finally, get to go home dee". Unfortunately, just when you think that matters couldn't get any worse,there are faults in the cashier outlet... That 'machine' got jammed and we have to wait like for another 15 minutes for the technical support to deal with it... And when you think all was over after that, the free gift section, well, they're out of stock... and there, we have to wait for another additional 10 minutes... Damn, was it frustrating...

After almost 2 hours of getting stuck there (my father said it'll probably take 30 minutes), tardily, there's no other time when i felt the sensation of "home sweet home"... and here i am now, wasting my time, writing super long blogs, playing graffiti till late at night... and exams are just around the corner... sigh... Hope God will provide me the strength to be determined and diligent in my studies...

Thursday, April 22, 2004

Another accustomed day for a typical school-life... everything is like so routined.. Oh well, what the heck, what could we expect more in school lifes... The only thing that is at variance today is the major spot check effectuated by the prefects.. Which contributes to alot of 'donations' to the prefectorial board.. I think we can have a jumbo sale on liquid papers; can even afford for a "buy 1 free 2" sale.. (someone confiscated a porn vcd though) *lol*

Chemistry period was another disastrous moment.. The teacher is practically rushing through every single topic;without caring whether the students really understand anot... (but can't blame her though, we never give any response to her,anyway) For aliphatic compounds, it was quite alright to me, more like a revision cause everything has already been taught in tuition.. but for aromatic compounds, damn, it's confusing..

Tardily, our MUET marks finally came into our hands;which was earlier promised to be given to us on Tuesday.. Boon Jin's the only person who got band 6, and two ppl (Jill and Yee Weng) who are at the margin of getting band 6.... i was deceived before for believing that band 5 was to obtain a mark over 80 but relievingly, only a score of 73 and above is needed...

At the end of day, we had our heritage play,which was something that i look forward to release stress out of our school lifes, for it's more like a leisure time for me.. It's partly because i dind't really have any important roles to play, or the need to memorise lines.. All i'm there for is basically for the singing session or perhaps i was involved in it the year before..

I know, today's blog is abit long cause i need to practise my writing skill for my upcoming MUET exams 2 days from now.. (which i dun think is of any help anyway) but at least i do take the trouble to find various words instead of being redundant or being superfluous with my words...

Anyway, guess that's it for now... need a time off liao... till then, see ya...

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

We have to face the consequences of our doings (the cause and effects)... however, things aren't as bad as you think it they say, "every cloud has a silver lining".. Maybe things happens for a reason.. Probably for the better, i hope..

Anyway, we had an "Info Day" today, that is voluntarily ex-michaelians pays a visit to us and they can share their uni expeiriences with the Upper Sixes.. it's quite interesting though.. listening to their peculiar stories... from what to funding to the clothes that you wear... though didn't last through the whole thing (due to a physics practical which need to be attended - another disaster), i manage to listen to some stories under the "free for all discussion".. managed to get some good tips though... bout crazy lecturers, their exam styles, getting fine for hanging clothes in inappropriate places and stuff... lol....

Then later was literacy, sigh.. another sien case... dun find the purpose of doing so dee... since i dun really see much progress in the students.. but later, after waiting for jill and wei tek, jill and i went to ian's house to do some 'shopping' for Jo's present... (though i'm not really needed there but i'm quite deprived of going out actually)

After a good evening's sleep.. (the weather was so warm btw, thank God for the creation of air-cond) had some private-sms-talk with ei leng while trying to wrap up my physics report.. (in which it failed cause the readings was a total disaster)

by the way, this song i'm listening to is not bad at all.. recommended by boon jin... entitled "The Place I'll Return to Someday" which is also known as "Melodies of Life" (a final fantasy song)

Till then, ciaoz..

Monday, April 19, 2004

just a few minutes ago, i terclick on some 'blog' button and here i am writing one... though i'm not really interested in doing this sort of things.. but what the heck, everyday i online i have nothing to do.. just pure boredom.. just might as well... =)

Sultan's Birthday.. like it really has anything to do with us.. probably made my day a tuition-free day and lots of free time... unfortunately, didn't use it to the best... spend my whole day mainly onlining(typical past time of mine), sleeping and watching "Mona Lisa Smile" that i got from ei leng...

anyway, there's nothing much to say... just some plain old day with nothing better to do... need to study for mid term liao... having a chemistry book on my lap, but serving no purpose cause i'm actually chatting with kian mei and typing this silly blog of mine....

alrite then... gotta go to bed now.. another long day in school tmr.... wish me a good night's sleep.. =)